Kiribati – South Tarawa Water Supply Project

Project Design Advance (PDA) 

The South Tarawa Water Supply Project will reduce the incidence of waterborne disease and improve the health of the population in South Tarawa, the capital of Kiribati, through the delivery and effective management of new and rehabilitated climate-resilient water supply assets and improved hygiene practices.

The Project will install a sea water desalination plant and solar power source to offset its energy use. New water supply network infrastructure will be constructed. The effective management of water supply infrastructure is strengthened by engaging private sector in water supply services and improving capacity of key institutions in program management and non-revenue water management. Hygiene practices among South Tarawa’s population are improved through implementation of a WASH awareness program. 

The Project Design Advance supports the project management unit in the project preparation. Our role is to undertake surveys, prepare the detailed design of water supply network, support procurement process, update social and environmental safeguards due diligence documentation and engage the community in the preparation of the project. 


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