Indonesia – Sewerage System Development Project

TA Consultants 2017 - 2018

Almost half of Indonesia’s population of around 252 million people lives in urban areas and the need for safe wastewater management services is growing rapidly.  Although access to sanitation in urban Indonesia is high, the safe collection and disposal of wastewater and septage, is very low, at only 1% and 4%, respectively, leading to environmental degradation and poor health of the urban population. Due to traditional gender roles, women are exposed to poorer sanitation, often resulting in higher waterborne disease incidence.  

Indonesia’s lack of sustainable Waste Water Management (WWM) services in urban areas derives from a combination of lack of infrastructure, poor governance and limited public and political support for improvement.  Inadequate infrastructure is the result of insufficient investment and inefficiencies of existing facilities. Poor governance stems from institutional fragmentation, insufficient legislation and enforcement and low capacity. Public support is also weak, due to lack of awareness and lack of willingness to pay and charge.

The Sewerage System Development project will support the government goals to provide adequate sanitation to 100% of the population and eradicate open defecation. The project aims to increase the capacity for wastewater and sludge management in the cities of Banda Aceh, Mataram and Bekasi and establish a sound system for sanitation service delivery, while also enhancing public awareness.

The project is prepared in two phases: The Cities Development Initiative for Asia financed assignment focuses on the technical elements including wastewater treatment plants and sewerage networks, while this ADB Technical Assistance is in charge of designing the components related to service delivery mechanisms, public awareness campaigns and social marketing strategies, as well as conducting the economic, financial, social and environmental due diligence and other documents required to complete the project preparation design.


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