Cambodia – Feasibility Study for National School of Local Administration (NASLA) 

ADB is supporting the Royal Government of Cambodia in the implementation of the National Reform on Sub-National Democratic Development, with the aim to establish strong, democratic and accountable sub-national councils and administrations. A formal training framework is required to fully support the ongoing development needs of Sub-National Administration (SNA). The proposed National School of Local Administration (NASLA) will provide accredited training to SNAs and be a center for excellence in policy research to guide government decision making within the sector. The operational design of NASLA was developed under the consultancy assignment.

FCG prepared a feasibility study and concept note for National School for Local Administration, determining the viability the school and providing the conceptual design for sustainable operation over the medium to long term.

The study encompassed the institutional design, infrastructure and sustainability aspects, including the following:
• Comprehensive design of the operating structure for the school, including staffing plan for the first 5-year of the NASLA operation;
• Implementation strategy for the roll out of training programs;
• Curriculum framework for the first 5 years of operation including both training and research functions;
• Full design and costing of the infrastructure requirements of the school;
• Comprehensive assessment of the capital and ongoing operating costs for the school;
• Assessment of sustainable funding mechanisms for the school; and
• Recommendations on the ongoing viability of the National School of Local Administration.


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