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FCG Finnish Consulting Group

FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd is a multi-expertise company that provides services to support organizational, social and public sector development as well as services in infrastructure, environmental and urban design, in multidisciplinary training and in software products and development. The Group’s client base consists of a broad range of both private and public sector organizations worldwide. The company is owned by Kuntaliitto Holding Oy, which is part of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.

FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd, Finland

Osmontie 34, 00610 Helsinki, Finland
P.O. Box 950, 00601 Helsinki, Finland
+358 10 4090

FCG Sweden

FCG Sweden is a consultancy company specialising in international development cooperation, with a focus on public sector reform, natural resource management, civil society strengthening, market development and evaluation. FCG Sweden is the new face of ORGUT and SIPU International and is the trading name of FCG Swedish Development AB. www.fcgsweden.se

FCG ANZDEC Ltd, New Zealand

FCG ANZDEC is a New Zealand based international development consulting firm specializing in the sustainable development and management of renewable natural resources in developing countries. FCG ANZDEC has  nearly 50 years of experience in over 45 countries, mostly in the Asia-Pacific region. www.anzdec.co.nz


FCG POVVIK is a leading independent consulting and engineering company in the field of sustainable development in Bulgaria. POVVIK AD offers a full range of environmental consulting and engineering services for all types of industries and businesses, and expertise on environmental and economic analyses to local and state government. Our expertise is focused in the Balkan region. www.povvik.com

Finnish Consulting Group Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore

FCG’s Asia hub, Finnish Consulting Group Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore, consolidates the strengths of FCG Group companies and builds upon FCG’s long experience, offering the best Nordic and international expertise to a growing number of clients in Asia. www.fcgasia.sg